We do not ask for a fee to join our gallery.

If you would like to join Bright Art Gallery send us an e-mail of your portfolio, we will take a look and get back to you.
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Our catalyst is art. Good and sincere art. Genuine love for art.

We represent artists, we organise and curate exhibitions. 

We provide consultancy services for artists and collectors.

At Bright Art Gallery you will find art pieces and art products from distinguished artists chosen by our Founder Bengi Lostar.

We give the artists their deserved visibility and we represent five of their art pieces at Bright Art Gallery.

We would like to represent you in our online gallery.

What does Bright Art Gallery offer?

  • We will do your visibility including promotional material of the chosen artworks.
  • We represent your chosen artworks at physical events such as art fairs.
  • We act as a intermediary for buyers.
  • We also offer services for the artists with different packages
  • We act as your guide and mentor
  • We help you build your portfolio for residencies, open calls, etc.
  • We help you write your project and inform you about funding opportunities.
  • We set up your image as an artist
  • Portrait, bio, logo, portfolio, website, and social media
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